Colombian Cryptocurrency

The SColcoin cryptocurrency was born in Colombia, due to the need we had in our country, due to the policies that restrict the use of Bitcoin, for this reason the developers created a system based on an exchange between companies and users of the currency where it exists the catalog of goods, products and services in exchange for their own cryptocurrency. In addition, customer loyalty through cryptocurrency used as a marketing strategy

What is it?

A decentralized cryptocurrency made by people and backed by consensus and committees of entrepreneurs. Blockchain technology from Scolcoin revolutionizes altruism by aligning economic incentives in a community decentralized.

The Scolcoin project is a technological platform with a decentralized open accounting book, specially designed to find resources for Latin American NGOs, through the solidarity blockchain, Start Up Social seeks the adoption of social cryptocurrency in international markets, through of social and corporate responsibility for the benefit of solidarity projects and non-governmental entities that will benefit from the process.

The Scolcoin Social Project in its creation stage was presented to the community as the ecological Colombian cryptocurrency for reaching the Proof of Stake phase, achieving positioning and recognition in LatAm. Its genesis block was made on January 3, 2018, the committees and presence in communities were formed.

Space for local exchange was created, generating a healthy ecosystem and adoption for Scolcoin cryptocurrency.Thanks to the partnerships with different portals at a regional level, we achieved brand recall.

A project in progress and in social evolution in Latin America. Every day an achievement and security for investors.

Exchange Latin:  https://trade.thexchanger.io/market/BTC-SCOL

Colombian Social Project SCOL

Cryptocurrency SColcoin: is  fork Bitcoin, electronic cash money system

Bitcoin based technology: A purely peer to peer form of electronic cash allows online payments to be sent directly between the parties and without passing through a financial institution. Digital signatures are part of the solution, for the problem of double spending using a peer to peer network. The network seals the transactions over time in a continuous chain of proof of work based on hash, establishing a record that cannot be modified without redoing the proof of work. The longer string not only serves as an effective event sequence test, but also shows that it comes from the most powerful CPU set. While the majority of the CPU power is controlled by nodes, the longest string will be generated. The network itself requires a minimal structure. The messages are transmitted based on better effort and the nodes can leave the network and return to it at will, accepting the longer proof of work string as proof of what has happened during their absence.

Social Currency SCOLCOIN

Our currency is a social project that is organized in Colombia, with the support of entrepreneurs and developers, for the benefit of all volunteers, with the social responsibility of the companies.
The Colombian social currency has a clear objective, to manage smart fiduciary funds controlled by our Blockchain, in small projects (Smart Project) for the benefit of the volunteers.

In our Blockchain decentralized accounting of our SCOL currency all financial movements are stored and the final destination of each dollar that enters the project. In addition, the funds will be stored in the cold SCOL crypto currency.

The SColcoin has made alliances with companies generating tools and reliable secure payment through our Criptomeda. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, SCol has the support of affiliated and associated commerce, generating confidence and transforming commerce into the next evolution Altruistic Economy. All affiliates will have their payment gateway, electronic commerce, wallet and Currency Exchange ATMs.
The Market will have the jump to the next evolutionary stage in our continent.

The support we have had from the local affiliated companies and partners supports the value of the offer of the Cryptocurrency, the Sponsors and the adoption of the Cryptocurrency as payment of the products.

Frequently asked questions:

Why invest in SColcoin?
• SCol cryptocurrency is the first fully decentralized social and corporate responsibility digital system, which incorporates intelligent projects into its Blockchain.
• SCol allows you to make payments in the electronic commerce, as in the physical one, you can buy goods, services, products, trade or donate in Solidarity Projects postulated in an instantaneous and private way online.
• SCol It allows to manage all types of projects in a decentralized intelligent way optimizing time and costs, with its system based on the blockchain and the use of its cryptocurrency.
• SCol is a cryptocurrency, you can send your cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world with privacy and you can change them for any other currency.

Investments in SCOL
Our Currency started trading operations in the Latin exchange https://www.thexchanger.info on August 3 with a value of 30 satoshis the first day achievement 1000 satoshis and now we are at an average of 250 satoshis

SColcoin cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency IColcoin
Cryptocurrency SColcoin

Note: The Colombian Anonymous Investment Cryptocurrency (IColcoin) will be distributed to investors in the month of Junary 2019

SCol as electronic cryptocurrency is a chain of digital signatures. Each owner transfers the currency to the next owner by digitally signing a hash of the previous transaction and the public key of the next owner, and adding both to the end of the coin. The beneficiary can verify the signatures to verify the chain of ownership.

POW (Proof of Work)
For our time-stamping network, we implement the proof of work by increasing a block until a value is found that blocks the required zero bits from the block hash, once the CPU satisfy the proof of work that has been exhausted the block cannot be changed without redoing the job. As subsequent blocks are chained after it, the job to change a block would include redoing all the previous blocks.

Red SColcoin
1) New transactions are transmitted to all nodes.
2) Each node collects all the transactions in a block.
3) Each node works on resolving a complex proof of work for its block.
4) When a node resolves a POW, it transmits the block to all the nodes.
5) Nodes accept the block if all transactions are valid and have not been spent before.
6) The nodes express their acceptance of the block by working on creating the next block in the chain, using the hash of the block accepted as a previous hash.

SColcoin privacy
The traditional banking model achieves a level of privacy by limiting access to information to the parties involved and the trusted third party. The need to publicly announce all transactions excludes this method, but even so, privacy can be maintained by breaking the flow of information at another point: keeping the public keys anonymous. The public can see that someone is sending a quantity to someone else, but there is no information linking the transaction with anyone. This is similar to the level of information communicated by the stock exchanges, where the time and size of the individual operations, the «tape», are made public, but without saying who the parties were.

Our Cryptocurrency SColcoin has allocated 10% of its sales in the currency for Solidarity projects Categories:
• Social Projects
• Cultural Projects
• Musical Projects
• Personal Projects
• Health Projects

All year round projects can be submitted within the categories, volunteers have the right and only they can apply. 1 Once a year the selection is made by means of voting of the volunteers, who will choose 1 Winner.

Our blockchain service from SColcoin will carry out a storage of the step-by-step programming of the project and will authorize the administration of the project so that it is fulfilled and the whole community is answered, because the resources are intelligently invested (Intelligent Trust).

• Apply for Solidarity Projects.
• Vote at the Annual Digital Assembly.
Exchange of Goods, Products and Services for Rewards (IColcoin).

Distribution of Money:
• $24,636,628 Scol in the wallet: SkUnJtAAaKeFyAnPb6nUQbTqhgKrwUq5x4  (10% pre-miner Social project)
• $36,960,000 (Investors 15%)
•$     4,400,000 (Miner POW)
•$       currently (Miner POS)

Blockchain Start Date: January 3, 2018
Block Genesis: hash GenesisBlock («0x00000aa2ce62bac15c8b18cf24dd7b2c62c7e5d9be1d170171bffc679f9689e0»); https://chainz.cryptoid.info/scol/block.dws?000009b4569ac5df7ce18ef06a2be7721be7089fc7af424e08ec03c15bb408d3.htm

It took place from January 14 to February 14, where the sponsors managed to donate resources, were awarded Scolcoin.
The surplus cryptocurrencies were allocated for development and solidarity projects, which will be distributed over a period of 10 years (all investments will be by vote for any movement of this cold portfolio).

Projection of the 10-year Solidarity Fund: SkUnJtAAaKeFyAnPb6nUQbTqhgKrwUq5x4
2018: $ 400 Scol
2019: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2020: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2021: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2022: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2023: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2024: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2025: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2026: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2027: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2028: $ 1,096,330 Scol


The project in the initial stage was developed:

  • Block Explorer
  • Paper Wallets
  • Wallet Win
  • Paper Wallets
  • Linux Wallet
  • Linux MAC

> Exchange Latino (https://trade.thexchanger.io/market/BTC-SCOL)
> Newspaper (https://criptotendencias.com)

Developer Fund:
Development for SCol new updates, patches, software and app focused on the improvement of our SCol community, the priority will be for the oldest developer. And it will include them in monthly payments since the fund has resources.

Fund for Nodes:
Nodes are the structure of our community, which is why our currency gives importance to the oldest nodes. And it will include them in monthly payments since the fund has resources.

Investment in Bitcoin is one of those opportunities that emerged, and many potential investors in 2009 failed to take advantage of it the first time, which allowed them to escape from their hands. But today, the opportunity is presented differently. A good example of an intelligent investment is the SColcoin, it is the high growth Cryptocurrency, which offers investors the opportunity to achieve profits in the medium term, a pioneer is the one with the large royalties.

What are the benefits of SColcoin over other Coins?
You do not need to spend hours researching currencies and speculating about the price; our currency SColcoin and our team works to achieve the goal and mitigate the risk through the diversification of multiple marketing platforms and networks, the support of experienced companies. The great Opportunity of our SCOLCOIN currency is its long-term projection, offering all volunteers resources which will be the great muscle to achieve our goal.

Should I invest in Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrencies are now considered one of the best investment decisions.
These are some of the reasons:
To increase the heritage. The alarming loss of value of most currencies makes many people consider a better way to cover their money. As a result, they resort to cryptocurrencies as a better alternative.
Technology. The technology behind the cryptocurrencies is incredible. It offers you a currency that can be used regardless of where you live in the world, unless a government decides to take possession of it, of course.
Trajectory. Since Bitcoin, the first Cryptocurrency created, was launched in 2008, investors in digital currencies have benefited immensely from the increase in currency prices over time. Therefore, investing in cryptographic assets offers you the opportunity to increase your financial situation over time.

What are the risks?
Some of the problems you should consider before investing:
Bubble accusations. Some business experts believe that the Cryptocurrency is a bubble and that it will never pass the test of time. The CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, is one of them, for example. Traditional financial investors seem to think that since digital currencies do not have the backing of anything and have a high level of volatility, they cannot compete with fiat money and, therefore, will never replace it.
Volatility. This point is of great concern. With large jumps of volatility, you can earn a lot of money but you can also lose a lot in an instant. Our Cryptocurrency is starting is a great growth advantage.
There are many factors to consider before investing. Let’s look at the most crucial ones.

Acceptance. Before investing in a cryptographic asset, where I can change the currency or where I can acquire goods, services or products with my currency.

Portability. A digital currency must be portable. You should be able to easily carry it from one place to another without much challenge.

Security. It must also be safe. This is a characteristic of all legal currencies. From the US dollar to the pound sterling, safety is a common quality. Then, a good digital currency must also be safe.

How to start investing in cryptographic assets?
Follow the following steps:
Decide what you want to invest in SColcoin. The first step is to enter the official website http://scolcoin.com
Put aside some money for the investment. Everything requires planning and setting objectives. So, the second step to take is to decide how much you would like to invest in cryptographic assets your money either weekly or monthly. Keep aside the amount you want to invest.
Register for a SColcoin Cryptocurrency portfolio. You will need a portfolio address with which to request and receive the SCol currencies you will buy.
Join an exchange Now that you have registered in a Cryptocurrency SColcoin portfolio, you still have to join an exchange because this is where you will be exchanging. In https://trade.thexchanger.io/market/BTC-SCOL you can choose the package to invest.
You can buy a small amount to prove how the coin works. After buying a package and you achieve your first exchange, it’s time to start buying in volume. If you have no idea how to do it, contact the support team and they will be happy to guide you.
Move your coins to offline hardware storage. An offline hardware storage will help you keep the coins off of the Internet servers where they are protected from hacking.

Wallet in Frio:
Our currency has several advantages for offline storage:
• Wallet Paper – Wallet Paper
• Wallet Keychain – Wallet keychain
• Self-adhesive Wallet – Wallet Stiker
• PVC Wallet – Wallet Carnet
• Digital Wallet – Digital Wallet

Security: To protect your investment, we recommend you download your Wallet on a secure computer and keep it offline or use a cold Wallet.
Cryptocurrency of economic exchange and cryptocurrency, based on corporate social responsibility, providing resources for the development of a supportive community, managing the management of smart projects in SColcoin’s Blockchain.
When you invest in SColcoin you are supporting the development of the Latin American economy and valuing your contribution.

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