Whitepaper Scolcoin ver 1.2 (EN)

Updating of the project’s governance system and proposals that were approved by the community!

The participation of the community for decisions for the future of the cryptocurrency is made up in the forum: https://forum.scolcoin.com/index.php?board=2.0 Making transcendental decisions on issues such as% of the mining social funds and issues as icons and pets design among others.

It allows to achieve consensus and the leadership of a community in 2019.

Note: each user of scolcoin can raise the proposal in the forum freely, if it achieves the consensus of more than 51% of the registered is approved by the moderators of the forum and moved to the scolcoin whitepaper as a decree for the entire network to achieve consensus in the Democratic system.

and changes that the community included in the updated document!