Scolcoin Colombian digital asset 

on Blockchain

A decentralized digital asset made by people and backed by consensus and committees of entrepreneurs.

What is SCOL Coin?

The Scolcoin Social Project in its creation stage was presented to the community as the ecological Colombian digital asset for reaching the Proof of Stake phase, achieving positioning and recognition in LatAm. Its genesis block was made on January 3, 2018, the committees and presence in communities were formed.

The Scolcoin project is a technological platform with a decentralized open accounting book, specially designed to find resources for Latin American NGOs, through the solidarity blockchain, Start Up Social seeks the adoption of social digital asset in international markets, through of social and corporate responsibility for the benefit of solidarity projects and non-governmental entities that will benefit from the process.

  • Coin name SColcoin
  • Coin abbreviation SCOL
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Type: PoW/PoS
  • Total supply: 80,000,000
  • PoS percentage: 3% per year / 10% after block 2.000.000

Scolcoin Digital Asset

ScolCoin beyond being a digital asset, is a social project, for the benefit of all contributors, always taking into account and making very clear the social responsibility of companies. It is created in Colombia with the support of entrepreneurs and developers, who have always demonstrated not only the commitment of the project but the sincerity of it, which is reflected in its structural solids and clear objectives, which are fundamental for the common benefit.

SCol, in addition to venturing into social projects, incorporating smart projects in its Block chain, is a Colombian digital asset and perhaps the first to reach this important point, where they not only demonstrate solids and long-term stability (long term it is obvious to assume with all those objectives ahead) if not show the sincerity of a couple of “countrymen” who proposed one day, carry out the largest project in Colombia, presented all this new Block chain technology behind them.


We are a collective of people who have joined efforts to change the economic of our country, the state gaps due to the weakening of entities, lack of social investment, education, health, culture, sports and recreation. This creates discontent in the general population and is compounded by the broken economy, high interest rates, pressure from banks and taxes to finance the government’s deficit.

Many reasons led us to create a system to help solve these difficulties to think about the restrictions and other interests of people who do not want the social empowerment of the economy, We are the Change the citizen Revolution we do not want the political power only changes of our economy and a peaceful movement that will help the future of our region.

The Benefits of SCOL holders

How it all started

November 2017
The origin of Scolcoin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan. Completion of the Development of the SColcoin Cryptocurrency > Genesis Block Creation
December 2017
> Home Pre-mined 25% and Test Coin. > 15 December Publication of the Project on the web. (Spanish, French, English, Russian, Japanese, German) > Facebook Page > Twitter Page > Technical Document (English and Spanish)
January 2018
> 3 January 2018 Block Genesis > Official launch of the Currency 14 January 2018> Pre-sale of SColcoin BitcoinTalk Announcement > Source Code to GitHub > Press Release > Home Marketing Campaign > Scolcoin Foro publico | Telegram Forum > Scolcoin Wiki Documentation > Conformation SColcoin Team:
March 2018
> Mining Scol POS Miners through the Linux Wallet and Win Scolcoin Wallet, Block is generated by staking bet on the minimum wallet function to mine with 1200 SCol mature cryptocurrencies. > Ingress Exchanger
April 2018
> Paper Wallet Scol Incorporation of the Wallet for Universal Paper JavaScript Client-Side Wallet Generator SCOL
May 2018
> Solidarity Projects Register or Post Social Benefit Projects
Jan 2018
Developed Blockchain: Blockchain protocol update and update Whitepaper Ver 1.1
Jul 2018
Super Nodes Scol - Launch July 20 of micro servers and Implementation of 12 Super Nodes Scol.
August 2018
August 1 listed at Developed Blockchain Update Whitepaper See 1.2 and Blockchain protocol update nodes seeds See 1.1 and 3% annual POS.
September 2018
CEO - Search for Adoption in Colombian Local Trade.
October 2018
Solidarity projects - no participant was presented was postponed to the following year
December 2018
update whitepaper version 1.5 - Spanish
January 2019
Update source code nodes seeds, network synchronization wallets Win, linux and MAC
February 2019
income in exchange
March 2019
start tour Scolcoin Roadshow - Exchange Scolcoin P2P - Online Auctions Scolcoin
May 2019
> Proyectos Solidarios Registrador o Postular Proyectos de Beneficio Sociales
Jun 2019
Developed Blockchain protocol update and update Whitepaper Ver 1.6 Spanish
jul 2019
Super Nodes Scol Launch July 20 of micro servers and Implementation of 12 Super Nodes Scol.
August 2019
Search for Adoption in Colombian Local Trade.
September 2019
Launch Icolcoin without preminado and Super Nodo ICOL - Mining ICOL POW
October 2019
Solidarity projects Digital assembly for the selection of voting projects The selected Projects are entered in Blockchain (Annual Award) and the smart contract is executed according to the winning project, the SCOLs are managed by our system (Wallet en Frio).
January 2020
Mining Public of ICOL POS

Distribution of Scol

the reserved fund is for social projects that are 10 years old!

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

You can buy your scol in authorized exchanges

  • 73% Distributed to Community

  • 10% Reserved Funding

  • 6% Airdrop

  • 1% Faucet


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Team Scolcoin

CM Scolcoin

(Community Managers)

Alberto Vasquez Ospina

brand’s online communities

[email protected]

COO Scolcoin

(Chief Operating Officer)

Andres Felipe Cortes

Director of Operations and Marketing

[email protected]

CTO Scolcoin

Luisa Fernanda Medina

International Relations, new technical developments

[email protected]

CMO Scolcoin

Sebastian M. Rodriguez

Consultant Crypto, Merchant and Mining.

[email protected]

Ceo Scolcoin

Juan Pablo Abadia M.

Marketing, Communities and Seo

[email protected]

Collaborators in Verified Communities

Do not give money or BTC to anyone in networks, if you intend to invest directly in exchange or with

Adviser Scolconers

Trader Adviser

(Eje Cafetero)

John Fredy Tamayo

+57 300 6111468

Trader Adviser

(Costa Caribe)

Jairo Watts

+57 3205032082


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